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In today’s competitive corporate landscape, retaining top talent requires more than just competitive salaries—it requires thoughtful perks that add tangible value to employees’ daily lives. Recognizing this, BitesBee specializes in providing premium Corporate Meals to businesses at unrivaled rates, turning the dining table into a retention tool. But our offerings don’t just stop at mouth-watering meals. With the integration of our cutting-edge tech platform, we’ve simplified and streamlined every facet of the corporate dining experience, from meal planning and daily meal punches to invoicing and payment updates. We believe that a happy, well-fed employee is a productive and loyal one, and our comprehensive package is designed to ensure every meal not only satisfies their palate but also adds to their overall job satisfaction.


Tasty and sumptuous gifting idea!

Whether it’s a cherished birthday, a heartwarming anniversary, the excitement of a new team member’s joining, or the triumph of a project launch, each moment deserves a special gesture of appreciation. To make these occasions even more memorable, BitesBee offers bespoke gift vouchers tailored to your desired value, ensuring your sentiments are conveyed just right. And for businesses looking to celebrate in style without breaking the bank, our bulk purchase options come with super-discounted rates, guaranteeing you get more bang for your buck. But here’s the best part—despite the generous discount, each voucher retains its full face value, making it a win-win for both the giver and the receiver.


Recognizing the importance of quick and accessible refreshment options during busy workdays, we proudly introduce our in-premises tuckshops, a haven for delightful snacks and ready-made food items. Offered at unbeatable rates, these tuckshops provide employees with a hassle-free alternative to stepping out, saving them valuable time and keeping them energized throughout the day. Moreover, our tuckshops not only offer an array of tasty treats but also foster an environment of camaraderie and community. By keeping employees within the premises, we’re not just satiating their hunger; we’re nurturing a more cohesive and productive work atmosphere.

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Fruit Bowls

BitesBee is passionate about bringing a burst of natural freshness and vitality to your day with our range of seasonal fruits. Handpicked at their prime, our fruits not only tantalize your taste buds but also uplift your spirits with their vibrant hues and rich flavors.

Want to add a zesty twist? Customize your fruit bowl experience with our diverse selection of delectable salad dressings. For those in pursuit of fitness, our fruit bowls serve as the ultimate workout snack, laden with nature’s goodness and nutrients. Truly, with BitesBee’s colorful fruit bowls, every bite is a symphony of taste and health, ensuring you simply can’t go wrong!

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Understanding the importance of the biggest meal of the day and delivering it just right is what keeps us going! We push ourselves to deliver the best every day, preparing every meal with love and precision. Our quality and quantity have always been our forte.

So if you are looking for something spicy today or in a mood for some flavourful Chinese or maybe some authentic Italian to brighten up your day, we have food for every mood.

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Our Corporate Meals are a scrumptious blend of Indian culinary delights, Italian delectables, Spicy Chinese for you in every day menu. Whatever food you carve for, we have got you covered!

Our vouchers are a hassle-free way to treat your team. You purchase vouchers for a set value, and your employees can redeem them at their convenience, making every meal a celebration.

Absolutely! Our fruit bowls are a medley of fresh, seasonal fruits, ensuring you get the best of what Mother Nature offers, packed with nutrition.

Yes, we understand diversity! Whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, or special dietary needs, our menu is flexible to cater to various preferences.

Ordering for your corporate event is a breeze. Contact our dedicated team, and they’ll assist in customizing a menu to suit your event’s size and style.

We’re all about flavors, convenience, and a touch of Indian hospitality. Our aim is to make your corporate meals memorable, hassle-free, and utterly delicious.